Saturday, November 13, 2010


So we have been in our new home for 5 months now. I think we are settling in ok...the kids are enjoying school and kindy and have made some friends. Josh is very much looking forward to going up to Year 1 next year and Lachlan is VERY ready to head to Prep next year. They will be in the same class as its a Prep/1 so I hope that it goes smoothly both for them and their teacher.

I have joined the local band called "Court in Session", as we practice in the Court House. We have a drummer (the Sgt here), 4 guitars - 3 teachers and 1 of the hairdressers and me on the keyboard. I am enjoying it and getting better each practice.

Now i thought that being in the band might get me some more friends....not that i joined for that reason but I thought it might help. But it hasn't yet.
So here I am....alone on a Saturday as the husband is out of town for work and feeling quite sorry for myself.

I thought I was making some tentative friendships but maybe i'm not. This week has been hard. Its hard seeing other people have lunches out and me thinking...i wonder if i'll get to do that one day....its hard listening to people talk about parties going on and wonder when i'll get an invite myself. Its hard.

I know we've only been here a short time and we'll be here for a lot longer and that by the time we leave i'll hopefully be saying goodbye to some good friends. But in the meantime it sucks.

So a friend of mine suggested that I take the initiative. So I am going to plan my own party...a ladies something. And maybe from that some friendships might be made. And maybe the other ladies might feel more comfortable in inviting me to something of theirs. Its worth a try anyway.


Scurrette said...

That is a lovely idea to have your own little shindig.

I still get upset when I see people doing things without me - whether it is innocent or not. I guess it brings out the insecurities in me.

No man is an island, we all need friends. I wonder if you mentioned to someone there how hard you have been finding it - it isn't a silly thing to do, and you may just find someone coming to the party. (pardon the pun)

Short of that, could you fake a death in the family and have to come home? hehe

Swift Jan said...

Sorry that you are having a hard week.

I like your party idea! I think that's a great way to make some friends.

For what it's worth, we cant wait for you to come home!


Crazy Sister said...

Hi there! I just found you through my sister's blog, and look, you have me in your sidebar. Wow! I'm famous.

Sounds like your hubby's a cop? And you've just moved to a country town where everybody already has their friends? We have some stuff in common, then.

Stay tough and positive, tidy one area of your house, make scones, and keep inviting people over. Don't worry if you get a dozen refusals. Don't worry about the mess. Just keep inviting! All you need is ONE friend, and life gets easier.

Whoops, that was a lot of free advice.

Givinya De Elba said...

Hi! Thanks for reading my little old blog, dear friend! I am so glad to see that you survived the trip and that your 3 lovelies are going well, but NO they can't be that big, surely! That's the problem with when I don't see friends for a while - their children grow TWICE AS FAST! Einstein discovered this. It has to do with the speed of light. It's where he got e=mc*2 from.

Givinya De Elba said...

Sorry, I glossed over the friendship thing. I am sorry it's been hard. My sister found the same thing when they moved from a small country town to here. She has some nice friends now, but the early days were hard for her. Hang in there! Love to you all!

my3lovelies said...

Hey there Crazy Sister and GdE...i just found your comments as I had not been on my blog for months!
Thank you for your wise words and support. It means a lot.
Yep my hubby is a cop and we've moved to a town with about 500 people in it.