Sunday, March 13, 2011 general

I am on the countdown. 2 sleeps till I am on a plane on my own heading to my parents for 2 nights before heading down to Sydney to go to COLOUR 2011 with some wonderful girls. In all I will have 6 sleeps away from home! Can you believe it? I never thought I'd ever go to something like Colour as I've never been a huge fan of Hillsong but I need some Woman time...some refreshing of my soul and heart that can only come from being with your girlfriends. So what better opportunity than a Womens Conference...that is all about ONE Love, ONE Heart, ONE Sisterhood.

My dear husband who has been struggling lately with going to work then coming home and looking after the kids while I go out to band, singing rehearsals, exercise etc etc is so very kindly taking a week off work so that he can be home with the kids. Though he has a crazy plan of taking them for a drive to visit his good mate about 8hrs away! We'll see how that goes!! I have been trying to encourage him to find some activities that HE would like to do here and I do agree with him that there is limited things, esp being in his role in the town here. However he has agreed to go and play tennis fixtures and after his first game last week he came home excited which made me so happy. I really hope this is something that he can continue with and make some friends as well.

In other news, we have some big events coming up in our house as well. Mike turns 40 soon!!! My goodness....and for that event we have his parents coming to stay with us for just under 2 weeks! What fun...hopefully I can pull off a great party for him. Chloe has started saying some more words...Mumma, and nee - naa when she drives the little police car. Lachlan is trying to teach her Lachy and some days she makes a word like it and he gets very excited. He was Student of the Week last week at school - for always trying his hardest. He can now write his own name and he loves doing that all around the house! Josh is loving school and is really getting into writing and reading...especially now he knows all his sight words.

Well thats all from me at the moment....When I come back from Colour I will update again.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New Year

So here it is 2011. And another 3 months have passed since I last blogged. Where does the time go.

I am going to endeavour to be a bit more regular in my posting this year. Well...i can only hope hey!

So the boy Josh is now in Year 1 and the boy Lachlan is now in Prep. They are in the same class here and have a different teacher from last year. They seem to be going ok and the teacher and aide have certainly noticed how different they are to each other.

The girl Chloe turned 2 a few days ago!!! I still remember frequently her start to life and how busy we were and even just last night saying to a friend that I don't know how on earth we survived it like we did. She has started going to Daycare one day a week as I have returned to work. She is slowly getting used to it as this is her first time really away from me in an unknown environment. Hopefully she will come to enjoy it.

Yes thats right....after 2 years at home I have gone back to teach. Well..relief days anyway which then led to a 1 day a week contract for the rest of the year. Perfect. I am doing intervention with a few children which is great and then in the boys class for an hr.

The husband is doing well. He is busy with work and study.

I have lots more to say but I will save it for future posts!

Here is a pic of my 3 lovelies from the weekend.